Nedjety means "Protectress" as a birth Doula my role is of a protectress.  I support mothers during pregnancy and birth, attending to their emotional and physical needs.  I am a advocate for mother, child and the father watching out for all of them.

Pregnancy Yoga


Benefits of Nature's Nedjety Pregnancy Yoga Course:


In simple terms Yoga is the Union; it is the bringing together of the higher self and the lower self, our spiritual and our physical bodies.There is no better time to engage in yoga than in pregnancy.All the senses are higher and the unification of mother and baby is an amazing journey.


The benefits of Nature's Nedjety Pregnancy Yoga are endless. This unique science allows you to tap into deep relaxation techniques, which will support you throughout your pregnancy.It ensures that you make time for your baby and self, thus creating a stronger bond before birth.Pregnancy Yoga can assist in easing common pregnancy ailments and pains. The main focus is on the breath, Breathing is the key to yoga as well as in our day to day life.The Breath helps generate oxygen around body that flows through placenta to the baby and also assist in the asana’s (movements and postures).


I will instruct and teach you wonderful positions for labour and birth. This will assist in effective pain-management. Therefore you will be able to create and embrace the necessary love hormones needed for birth (Oxytocin and Endorphins).


Through Pregnancy Yoga you will be able to nurture the nurturer. This empowers the mother to become the centre of the universe.


Nature's Nedjety Pregnancy Yoga Course:


Can keep the body supple without straining


Can boost energy


Can relieve stress and anxiety


Can promote relaxation and restful sleep


Can be used to relieve pain in labour


Can relieve common minor ailments during pregnancy (e.g. heartburn, swollen joints, constipation).


Can help the expecting mother to bond with the unborn baby through breathing and visualisation techniques.



Holistic Doula Care


As a doula, I can offer clients I work with continuity of care during labour.I ensure that I take the time to talk and listen to their concerns, and support throughout the prenatal and postnatal period. Enabling them to relax and enjoy the transition to parenthood.


Usually I will meet with you three times before your baby's arrival to discuss your ideas and preferences for the birth. We can also discuss my role and what you would like from me.


I am on call for you 24 hours a day for two weeks before and two weeks after your due date. When you go into labour, I am happy to be with you when you feel you would like my support. We will stay in contact over the phone until you’re ready for me to come to your home or hospital.  Depending on how quick your labour is where you are having your baby I am to come to your home first.


During labour I can:


  • Help you establish a private, calm birth environment even in hospital

  • Provide practical help with labour positions and self-help techniques such as massage, relaxation and breathing

  • Support your partner to enable them to be as actively involved as they wish or to take time out if they want/need to without leaving you on your own.

  • Provide a sounding board should you need to make informed decisions in labour

  • Provide emotional support and encouragement for both of you

  • Help with using complimentary therapies in labour, such as homeopathy, aromatherapy.


After your baby is born I will visit you again to see how you are getting on and offer you the opportunity to talk through your birth experience.

Womb & Fertility Cleanse


Nature's Nedjety provides a Womb/Fertility cleanse service.You don't have to be trying to conceive to do a womb cleanse detox.The aim is to have an optimal functioning womb at every part of our life's journey.This program can be used for those suffering with Fibroids, Endometriosis, and PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).Even if you suffer with bad cramps, heavy bleeding and long periods (PMS) this could be for you.


Why cleanse for conception?





Birth Control

Old Menstrual Blood

Excess Hormones

Old Fecal Matter

Alcohol and other Toxins


If you find you have been experiencing heavy periods, cramping, dark blood or blood clots

during your period, than a womb/fertility cleanse is a must for you.





Support your livers detoxification of old hormones and toxins

Promote the uterus to cleanse old blood, clots, and hormones

Support the body’s ability to dissolve cysts and adhesions that may be blocking conception

Provide nutrients and vitamins which may nourish your eggs for optimal conception and ovulation

Promote increased circulation to the reproductive system for optimal health

The techniques used in this cleanse incorporate scientifically supported herbal remedies,

ancient therapies, and self-care therapies.

This cleanse will be using nutrition such as herbs, castor oil packs, self-massage, and teas.

The cleanse works with the menstrual cycle and different organs in the body at the

best times for their cleansing and nourishment.


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