Lauren Craig


Lauren and Heket work together to ensure quality holistic service.  Lauren works as a backup Doula and will attend birth if Charmaine (Heket) cannot for any reason.



Birth Doula since 2013


About me: 

My experience with birth started in 2009/10 when group of around 18 babies decided to come into my world. Some of the mothers were previous clients, some family and friends and others were ladies I would literally bump into on my travels. For some reason the mothers wanted to ask me questions about the process, hear my stories and gain my support. I was surprised as at the time I did not have children myself, but it felt natural and I enjoyed doing the research and sharing the knowledge and experience I had gained as a therapist and holistic business mentor. It was not until a friend told me I was a Doula, I went to train. I told my mum and she said that my great grandmother was too.


 I come from a very large family (7 siblings) we are all artists and entrepreneurs and I enjoy the chaos and joy that brings. My background is in art + environment. I set up and ran an award winning ethical flower enterprise called Thinking Flowers? for 12 years. My inspiration was the protection of women flower famers reproductive systems from dangerous pesticides. In 2009 I started The Field Foundation, an organisation focused on connecting communities through art, nature and wellbeing. I love to dance and walk, I do both on the way to my allotment weekly. I love learning and starting and growing new things.


My Philosophy: 

Throughout my life time alongside my mother, nature has been the biggest teacher for me. The majesty, mystery and healing power of the plant kingdom feels forever compelling and I feel this same amazement with the female physiology. For me I feel being a Doula is like being a witness and at service to sacred process of human flowering. I feel so thankful to the families that allow me to support them at their special time. My approach to being a Doula is very open and supportive, although I am inspired by the natural birth process I am dedicated to supporting women and their families in whichever way they choose. I feel my role is to signpost and share my experience, to protect the birth wishes and environment for my clients and be advocate for their choices.


Related skills and qualifications: 

Qualified Aromatherapist

Qualified Theta Healing Practitioner (Since 2010)

Qualified Flower Essence Therapist (Since 2008)


Experience & Specialities: 

I have supported my clients with home birth, birth centre and labour ward.  I have supported vaginal natural and medicated births. I really enjoy adding to the atmospheric elements of birth, and supporting the enhanced natural intuition of women pre and postnatally.


More information about availability & area covered:

I have attended home births in Europe, Caribbean and South America.